Good profile – good cards

Your profile at Kenbie is your personal sedcard (application document as model). Therefore you should present yourself with good portrait and full body photos. Agency scouts want pictures taken in …

by kenbie January 22, 2020

Shooting tips

Choose your photographer carefully; tips and info from other models can help you find the right photographer. Take your friends or parents with you on the shoot to make sure you’re safe. Be sure to try different looks and outfits in different locations and from different perspectives. We strongly advise against taking nude photos, as they are not conducive to your modeling career and may even harm it.

Good things take time

Posted by kenbie January 22, 2020

Did you know that Walt Disney received over 300 rejections when he wanted to turn his vision of an amusement park for children and adults into reality? His dream would …

Model Agency

Posted by kenbie January 22, 2020

Never pay an agency to put your photos on their files! If you want to become a professional model, you should only sign contracts with reputable model agencies. Read the …

Your character

Posted by kenbie January 22, 2020

Casting agencies are looking for interesting characters that consumers want to identify with: A healthy self-confidence, a pinch of humor and a positive attitude towards life make you attractive as …