Your character

Casting agencies are looking for interesting characters that consumers want to identify with: A healthy self-confidence, a pinch of humor and a positive attitude towards life make you attractive as …

by kenbie January 22, 2020

First casting

For castings it is important to always appear on time! Inform yourself beforehand about the ways between the castings. For a casting you will go to a casting with discreet make-up and freshly washed hair. If they do not decide for you, do not take the cancellation personally. There are countless other interested parties waiting for you to get excited about you!


Posted by kenbie January 22, 2020

If you have already gotten a job, these tips will help you prepare mentally for it: The best thing to do when you get a job is to go to …

Your body and health

Posted by kenbie January 22, 2020

A healthy and balanced diet and sufficient exercise continue to be of the utmost importance. Take enough vitamins, minerals, plenty of water and sleep. If you pay attention to these …

Find your area

Posted by kenbie January 22, 2020

At Kenbie we are convinced that anyone can model. You’re not 1.75m ? You don’t have the body proportions of 90-60-90? It doesn’t matter! What’s important is that you decide …