Good profile – good cards

Your profile at Kenbie is your personal sedcard (application document as model). Therefore you should present yourself with good portrait and full body photos. Agency scouts want pictures taken in …

by kenbie January 22, 2020

Find your area

At Kenbie we are convinced that anyone can model. You’re not 1.75m ? You don’t have the body proportions of 90-60-90? It doesn’t matter! What’s important is that you decide what kind of model you want to be. In the modeling business, natural people are more and more in demand. Would you be a perfect curvy model with your curves? Do you fit better on a catwalk or would you rather present yourself as a commercial model for H&M, Zara etc.? Be aware of your weaknesses, but above all your strengths, talents and merits and find your own area where you can shine as a model with all your individual qualities. Your goals also influence the choice of model agencies, jobs and clients. Always look at the selection critically, because they have to suit you.

First casting

Posted by kenbie January 22, 2020

For castings it is important to always appear on time! Inform yourself beforehand about the ways between the castings. For a casting you will go to a casting with discreet …

Your body and health

Posted by kenbie January 22, 2020

A healthy and balanced diet and sufficient exercise continue to be of the utmost importance. Take enough vitamins, minerals, plenty of water and sleep. If you pay attention to these …

Good things take time

Posted by kenbie January 22, 2020

Did you know that Walt Disney received over 300 rejections when he wanted to turn his vision of an amusement park for children and adults into reality? His dream would …